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Engine Labs: Featured Article!

The Final Details of BlownZ06's Engine Build Come Together...

Moroso Speedvideo Comercial
Moto IQ: How to build a 5.0 Coyote Engine on any budget

Many people look at the 2011-Current Coyote engine platforms as a complex and expensive engine to build. In reality, they are actually very cost effective and can be tailored from mild to wild with ease...

Chevy High Performance: Featured Article!

The Everyman Engine. Building a Chevy 383 stroker with all off-the-shelf parts...

Spark Plug Indexing from NASA Speed News

Indexing spark plugs is a simple process. All you need is a spark plug socket, a ratchet, and some indexing washers...

Stang Magazine: Featured Article

Mustang lovers, enjoy a great show of cars from Stang Magazine featuring a spread on Moroso Products! 



PRI's 30th Annual Show: New Parts, Technologies, Connections

Featured Products Showcase Journalist Reveal Top Picks

Highlighting nearly 500 of the hottest, most innovative motorsports products available today, the inaugural Featured Products Showcase at the 2017 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show made it easier than ever for buyers and media to explore a collection of the industry's latest and greatest in one convenient location. 

"One of the best new additions [for 2017] is the Featured Products Showcase section," declared Bob Beucler of The Dragtime News, an online drag racing publication. Indeed, Beucler was among dozens of journalists who visited the Showcase during PRl's 30th Anniversary Show at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis last December. Others who perused the Showcase agreed, noting that the new feature, located in a dedicated exhibit area just off the Convention Center's Green Hall, saved time and helped them develop a list of exhibitors to visit and products to track. 

For example, Jef White with THE SHOP magazine was particularly struck by the LED Switch Panel with built-in USB port and circuit breaker displayed by Moroso Performance Products. "It has a modern, racer-friendly design," he said, "and really serves a need, with more and more racers recording data with their smartphones and action cameras." 

In fact, many of the racing journalists we surveyed at PRI 2017 found it difficult to narrow down their favorites, which is why the following selection of top product picks-from those who cover motorsports for a living-represent just a sample of the feedback we received on this acclaimed new PRI Show feature.

Dragzine Feature: The Ins and Outs of Oil Pan Trap Door Baffling

One of the biggest weapons in oil-control technology is the trap-door baffle within an oil pan.

Moroso inks new two-year sponsorship pact with IMCA

GUILFORD, Conn. – A company already recognized for its commitment to IMCA drivers has renewed its awards program with the sanctioning body for the 2018 and 2019 race seasons. 

Moroso again gives product certificates based on regional standings for IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars and IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks, and on national point standings for IMCA Late Models, IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars, Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods and IMCA Southern SportMods.

The new agreement will take Moroso, of Guilford, Conn., through its 14th season of IMCA sponsorship. 

First-place drivers in point standings for each of the five Modified regions, both Stock Car and both Hobby Stock regions, and national Late Model, Sprint Car, Northern SportMod and Southern SportMod standings all receive certificates good for Ultra 40 spark plug wire sets.

Runners-up and third place finishers get Blue Max spark plug wire sets.

All Moroso certificates will be presented during the national awards banquet in November or mailed beginning the following week from the IMCA home office.

Information about the more than 4,000-plus Moroso products for high performance or street use is available by calling 203 453-6571, on Facebook and at the website.

“Adding a second year to the new Moroso agreement demonstrates their commitment to IMCA and grassroots racers across the country,” IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder observed. “Moroso has been a proponent of IMCA racing for a long time and that continues now with an eye on the future."

Moroso Announced as PDRA Pro Boost Title Sponsor

Moroso will be the Class Naming Rights Sponsor for the break-out, crowd pleasing, Pro Boost category for the 2018 PDRA Championship season!

Oil Accumulators By Mike Adaskaveg in Speedway Illustrated 11-17

Crewman Mike Lynch shows a Moroso Oil Accumulator used in the modifieds owned by Jimmy Reid and driven by California engine builder Shawn DeForest. Accumulators off advantages for oval-track engines.

Drag Racing Scene

Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws Star James Goad Finishes New Camaro For Racing Action

James Goad has never been one to pull his punches or hide his intentions on Discovery Channel’s mega-hit Street Outlaws, he’s always wanted to be the fastest, period.

Tool Tech: 10 Items Every Gearhead Should Have!

Who doesn’t like tools, right? And when it comes to our toolboxes, there’s always room for one more.

Shane McAlary returns to Street Outlaws in a new Vega

There was never a moment’s thought that Street Outlaw Shane McAlary would not come back.


Quick Tech: Installing A Moroso Aluminum Supercharger Tank

When adding forced induction to any equation – especially a vehicle with a stock engine configuration

Where it all started

Although the Moroso Performance Products name is now known internationally, the company got its start quite humbly.

Performance Racing - Oil Pumps

Racing oil pumps differ widely according to the racer 's purse and purpose.

Stroker Small Block

The details of builing the popular Chevy 383 combination

Fastest Street Car - The Silver Mullet

As much as we often hear of turbo this and supercharger that, nitrous oxide injection is still just as popular as ever...

Project Evil 8.5 Fox Body Mustang Build Update

Project Evil 8.5 is a 1993 Fox body Ford Mustang powered by a 427 cubic inch small-block with a Vortech Xi billet supercharger built by Steve Morris Engines.


Catch Can: Why Direct Injection Makes Them A Must

If you haven’t heard that you should be running an air/oil separator

2016 PRI Show Spotlight: Moroso Performance Products

What can you say about Moroso Performance Products! They always bring a ton of great new products to PRI.


This Street Hemi Crate Motor Cranks Out 825 HP On Pump Gas!

You can say we’re very excited to be finishing up and dyno-testing our Ray Barton Racing Engines (RBRE) 528ci Street Hemi crate engine.

Steve Morris Engines Assembles The Heart Of Project Evil 8.5

Every racecar engine is built like a full symphony orchestra, but instead of being filled with groups of different musical instruments, it consists of metal engine parts.

SEMA 2016: Moroso Expands Domestic And Import Performance Solutions

Moroso Performance Products has long been the go-to choice for many of our in-house project vehicles lubrication and cooling-related parts; including fabricated race oil pans, water pumps, and oil accumulators.

Wired Up: Building Spark Plug Wires

The connection between your ignition system and the spark plugs is the job of the spark plug wires.

Cooling Versus Performance: What You Need To Know About Water Pumps

For decades, limited development in water pump technology equated to a pretty straight-forward proposition for garage builders.

Project LS Next Project

Completing the oil pan, torque settings, lifters, water pump and crank damper.

Tech: LS3 vs Coyote Budget Engine Shootout: Building The Coyote

It’s an age-old formula: small chassis plus big power equals killer performance, and it’s one of the reasons that the original Shelby Cobra was such a sensational machine on the road course.

Making Space With The Moroso Remote Oil Filter Kit

Every track day enthusiast wants more from their vehicle(s)

Moroso Products in the Media

Moroso Performance Products have been featured in a recent article at Grassroots Motorsports.

Making the Grade: A Mid-Term Report on Our Project Engine

Last year we built a 598-cubic-inch engine (Project Horsepower, DRA November 2010, January 2011 and May 2011) as a project in conjunction with Tracy Dennis and his Sunset Racecraft engine-building emporium.

Project Nova in Motion - Well, Almost

In Part 1 of this three-part series, I outlined the thought process and plan behind the build of the '70 Chevy Nova. It's owner, Bob Gonier, is a high school auto-body, vocational-school instructor.

Controlling the Flow

The human body can't live without blood. Blood delivers oxygen, nutrients and other essential substances to the body and its organs. Similarly, oil serves an essential role in the performance and operation of the engine.

Hot Rod & Muscle Car Products

Moroso Performance Products, Guilford, Conn., presents its Coolant Expansion Tank for 2011-up Ford Mustangs.

Extracting More Horsepower From Our E46 M3 With ESS Tuning And AEM
Moroso Valve Covers are featured on

Moroso's LS Catalog Helps Enthusiasts Build The Ultimate Hot Rod

If you were to mention the name, Moroso, to just about any gearhead walking the Earth today, you would get an immediate reaction of positive feedback. They've been around for almost forty-five years, and the quality of their components are among the best industry.

5th Gen Camaro Install: Moroso Frame Connectors And Driveshaft Loop

We asked our friends at Cunningham Motorsports in Murrieta, CA, to help us with an install. They specialize in late model GM and Ford performance and we knew we could call on them to find a customer with a 5th gen Camaro who wanted frame connectors and a driveshaft loop. Their customer, Rick Shapard of Menifee, CA, has a nice 2010 Camaro that has seen some time on the autocross course, so stiffening up his chassis was something that interested him. He said it handled well, but we'll get some feedback from him once we get these parts installed and he hits the track again.

Shop Manager Mike Gallo of Cunningham Motorsports did the install on the 2010 Camaro belonging to Rick Shapard. Moroso had just the parts we needed, and their frame connectors for the 5th generation Camaro were the perfect fit for Rick's car. And when we say perfect fit, we mean perfect fit. The install went very well and everything lined up great to the underside of this F-body. Attention to the installation instructions is imperative, get ahead of yourself and you'll soon find out that you should take your time and work one side at a time.

Off Road Xtreme FeaturesPRI Coverage PRI 2013: Moroso Pans and Parts for Jeep and Power Stroke Diesel

For those of you looking for a great oil pan for your 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel or Jeep with a 4.0L engine from 2006 and earlier, look no further because Moroso has you covered. Their new oil pans for these engines are as trick as they get and they will end up saving you time and money in the long run.

Moroso's Product Lineup For S550 Mustang Continues To Grow

Moroso has been focusing more of their attention on late model performance more than ever.

Extreme Engine Tech: Building the Ultimate K24 Part 2 The Bottom End!

In the last edition of our series, building the ultimate streetable late model K24, we had focused on the engines top end switching to an earlier model K20Z3 head with Vtec on both the intake and exhaust sides of the engine and a removable exhaust manifold - all big steps in getting more performance.

Pans, Pickups, and Pumps - All About Oiling Systems

Pans, Pickups, and Pumps - All About Oiling Systems


The 2015 Mustang is packed full of sleek design features that make it one of the slickest Mustang designs we've seen in a while.

Moroso's '15 Mustang Coolant Reservoir Improves Form and Function

The 2015 Mustang is packed full of sleek design features that make it one of the slickest Mustang designs we've seen in a while.

Getting The Oil Out Of The Pcv System With Moroso Air-oil Separator

Drag Racers area unique group of individuals that for the most part have a never-ending desire to go as fast or as quick as they possibly can.

Oklahoma Preps Win Hot Rodders Of Tomorrow Title Representing Moroso

Team Moroso, from Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center in Choctaw, Okla., defeated 22 other schools from across the nation to win the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow National Championship today at the PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis.

SEMA 2013: Moroso Shows Off Diesel, Jeep Oil Pans & Mustang Tank

Ford trucks owners frustrated with oil leaks and rust on their 7.3-liter Powerstroke engines are getting some love from Moroso. The company recently introduced a heavy-duty pan stamped out of 16 gauge steel - which is thicker than factory - and a triple coating that neutralizes any corrosion started by the welding process. Moroso also released a new, reusable oil-pan gasket for the 7.3L engine - which improves upon the factory silicone sealant method.

How to Make 600 HP with Cast-Iron Heads on a Mopar 340 Stroker

How to Make 600 HP with Cast-Iron Heads on a Mopar 340 Stroker

Project 428 Pony Jet: Squeezing High Revs From a Street Windsor
Project 10 the Hard Way - It's ALIVE!

It’s alive thanks to our many partners and friends. We couldn’t have done it without you. Without a doubt the Project 10-The Hard Way Firebird bracket car has been a bit of a struggle to get completed. I am in the final stages of getting it to the track. I was hoping for this weekend but I decided not to take it out until it was painted and "finished".

Boss' Bits: We Sort out the Accessories

Over the past few months we brought you the power making components used in our big-bore 347 cube small-block build